The 2014 season is almost here! Why not JOIN US? New members always welcome!

Do you live in the Hamilton area and grow some of your own food?

Would you be interested in exchanging your surplus food with other local backyard vegetable gardeners – all for FREE? Please read on to find out how!

Community Values

The West Hamilton Produce Cooperative wishes to promote the following:

Reduction of food waste by sharing of surplus food within the community

Reduction of food packaging waste by the use of reusable materials in food distribution where possible (e.g. cloth bags) and compostable materials when necessary (newspaper, waxed paper).

Improved access to good quality, local fresh foods to everyone, regardless of income

The free giving and receiving of food with no strings attached. We believe that sharing always creates more and are not "keeping score" of who contributes what; all members' contributions are equally valued and gratefully received.

Getting to know your neighbours and build community connections.

An "open door" policy where everyone who wants to join our group is welcome.

Want to get involved but don't grow your own food yet?

Share what you have:

If you have time, volunteer to help with sorting and bagging

If you have food skills, bake some bread or cookies to bring to the exchange

If you have food-related supplies, donate them (canning jars are particularly welcome)

Be creative - everyone has something to offer!